Steps For Reducing Your Bills Starting With Your Cell Phone

These days we pay dearly for our cellphone and mobile device usage. The average cell phone bill is around $70, but expensive data plans can push this much higher. A family plan can cost on average $160 per month, more if your family uses a lot of data. Yet there are steps anyone can take to cut down their cellphone or mobile device bill dramatically.

This is where cell phone providers get you. They reel you in with a low rate, but months later your rates, fees and government surcharges have skyrocketed your bill. Some contracts these days are not for one year like in the past but several years. My advice is to avoid contracts with cellphones. Contracts also include nasty surprises in the fine print such as termination fees. Companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint all offer no contract plans. Studies have proven that the cheapest cell phone and mobile device plans are month to month. Month to month also allows you to go where the better deal is versus locking you into a proverbial cell phone prison.

Data usage:
This is where many people end up facing higher fees. If you can limit your data usage and avoid going over your months data allowance you can save tons over the course of 5 years. You can opt to use WiFi to surf the net and there by avoid using your cell phone providers expensive data plan. Just beware of ever using WiFi to do secure transactions such as banking else you could become victim to identity theft or find your bank account drained. Some things we do with our cell phones or mobile devices also effect our data usage, for example HD video can eat up 5 to 6 MB per minute and making video calls can eat up 3 MB per minute, online games, streaming music and uploading video all can eat up 1 MB of data per minute. Avoiding or limiting these types of data usage when not on a WiFi network can save you serious money.

Cheaper Phones:
Many people flock to the newest release from Apple or Android, and often these new phones cost on average $700 or more. While the extra features might be cool and new, and you might feel prestige in keeping up with the latest cell phone model on the market you should ask yourself if you really need that new model or if your old model can make it another year or two. There are some models such as the Windows phone which runs as low as $50 which has upwards of 80 percent of the apps and features of the new iPhone but costs about 10 percent of the iPhones price. There are plenty of cell phone and mobile device manufacturers that produce great viable alternatives to these ultra expensive cutting edge devices and cell phones.

Rate and Plan Shopping:

If you have ditched that contract or your contract is over or nearly over it is time to check your available options. The best way to do this is to stat off by checking how much calls, texts and data you use every month to give you the best idea of what you need in a new provider and what type of plan you require. The best way to do that is to look over your cell phone bills from the last 12 months to give you the full picture. You can then use websites such as to compare plans and rates, you can even compare cell phone prices. My advice would be to get a pay as you go plan, although this will require you buy either their cell phone or their sim card. Also do inquire into the providers coverage areas before committing to any new provider.

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