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Holiday Credit Card Options None Are Better Than Citi Double Cash

Note, this article was updated on November 20 of 2016, some broken and expired backlinks were replaced at that time.

When it comes to rewards credit cards, few can stack up to the Citi Double Cash Card. The rewards rate is very high as far as rewards cards go. You get 1% cash back at the point of sale, then you also get 1% cash back when you settle up your account statement. While it is true there are a few credit cards on the market that do offer as much as 5% cash back on purchases, these are always in rotating categories, and they always have a cap, such as on $1500 dollars of purchases per quarter. The Citi Double Cash Card keeps it simple, no caps, no limits, no rotating categories, good all day, every day, for 2% total cash back. Did I mention that most of those rotating category credit cards require you to sign up each 90 days just to get that cash back? Yes, annoying at best, who has time for any of that in today’s fast paced world? Citi keeps it simple and keeps it real, that’s real talk.

Some credit cards on the market carry some pretty sweet sign up deals. This card doesn’t. What it does have however is something much better, how does paying no interest on purchases for 15 months sound? Not sweet enough yet? How about 0% interest on balance transfers made in that same time period? After this intro period is over the ongoing APR will range from 12.99% – 22.99% Variable. If that was not enough this is one of the few good cards on the market that feature no annual fee, Citi does not think you should have to pay an annual fee just to be a card member. If only all credit card companies thought this way.

This credit card is ideal for today’s thrifty shopper and consumer. The 2% cash back is like having to pay 2% less in sales tax when you think about it, for example in New York state the sales tax is 8% but with 2% cash back it is like paying only 6%. This card is ideal for those who cannot be bothered with lame rotating categories and signing up every 90 days just the be thrown a bone by the credit card company. Did I mention that there is no limits to the rewards you can earn? Today most credit card companies try and cap the rewards you can earn, to protect their bottom line and pad their share holders pockets. With Citi, you the customer are just as important as the share holders.

The downsides, well they do have a few. They are extremely stingy when it comes to credit limits. Do not expect as high of a credit limit as you have everywhere else. They likely feel the need to protect themselves as their rewards are among the highest in the industry. Also you must have good credit if you ever want to obtain this card. On the plus side, you can pay all of your bills with this card. If you pay about $3000 worth of bills a month on this card, then pay the balance off in full you will be making roughly $720 in free cash a year, just for being a card member.

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